Digital Commons Co-operative Mapping and data for the common good
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Digital Commons Co-operative Mapping and data for the common good
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Digital Commons Co-operative Mapping and data for the common good
The Digital Commons Cooperative develops community tech that helps social movements defend the planet and re-generate the economy we need for a fairer world.

With our data mapping and sharing tools, people can build projects and commons together, so that our data can produce genuine value for our communities.
The data that water companies gather could be made more easily accessible to local river protection groups to help them preserve natural areas.
The very same data that real estate companies use to find new plots for luxury apartment blocks can be used by local communities to create affordable housing.
The techniques that Google employs to help you find the best local café can be harnessed so that change-making organisations can connect with others nearby.

Our Tools

Land Explorer
Our mapping tool LandExplorer helps community development projects find information on land.
Via our community mapping software Mykomaps, communities and cooperatives can map and explore their connections with each other.
With our app Twine, community businesses can track and analyse volunteer and visitor activity.

Our News

A redbrick tower block against a blue cloudy sky
It has never been more important to organise as movements working to build a better world. From local community action

Land Explorer - the story so far...

LandExplorer.coop was originally developed by one of our founding partners, Shared Assets. Kate looks back on the story of
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Today we are starting an experimental crowdfunding campaign as a way of launching the Digital Commons Cooperative. We want to
Welcoming Twine to Digital Commons
We are really pleased to announce that from the 10th May, Digital Commons will be the new owner of the Twine Volunteer and Twine Visitor apps.
Space Exploration
The UK social sector economy comprises the myriad charities, social enterprises, cooperatives and grassroots organisations working hard to make the world a better place.