Mykomaps map the solidarity and cooperative economy to increase visibility and opportunities for collaboration and collective changemaking. Mykomaps provides the tech for two key platforms:

Mykomaps' Communities Connect. An online platform that helps regional communities connect, communicate and collaborate by gathering data about projects, organisations and initiatives in a given community or region.

With Communities Connect you can

  • Gather data about projects, organisations and initiatives in your community or region with easy-to-use survey tools.
  • Share this data with your community with powerful digital maps and directories.
  • Display the data you gather alongside other information that may be of interest to your community - like the location of nearby community centres.
  • Keep the data up to date and relevant.
  • Create tailored versions of your map for different members of your community.
  • Embed community maps within your own website.

Mykomaps' Cooperatives Connect is an online platform that helps the cooperative movement connect, communicate and collaborate. It acts as an extensive directory of cooperatives that is accessible via the Internet at no cost, providing an easy way to locate and engage with fellow cooperatives on every continent. We are partnering with the ICA and DotCooperation to deliver this service.

With Cooperatives Connect, your cooperative federation, union or association can

  • Publish an easy-to-navigate digital map and directory of your members.
  • Provide versions of the map and directory in all the languages used by your members.
  • Share data about your members using internationally-recognised standards, for instance those set by the International Cooperative Alliance.
  • Have your members' information appear automatically in continental and international maps of the cooperative movement.
  • Keep your members' data up to date with ease.