Our People

Meet our wonderful team!
Colm Massey
Colm Massey, Co-Director, Technical Lead

Colm is a father of two, a digital tool maker and animation industry veteran, with a long term interest in alternative economics.
John Evans
John Evans, Full-Stack Imagineer, Code-Operative

As the world spirals into darkness, cultivating the light becomes...
Kate Swade
Kate Swade, Co-Director

Kate is a director of Digital Commons, and is the resident...
Lynne Davis
Lynne Davis, Product Lead

Lynne has worked in building digital systems for over 15 years...
Nick Stokoe
Nick Stokoe, Full-Stack Developer, Code-Operative

To finance his fast-moving lifestyle, Nick makes a living persuading computers to do useful things for the Digital Commons.
Rohit Gupta
Rohit Gupta, Software Engineer, Code-Operative

Rohit is a freelance developer working on Land Explorer at the...
Samanthi Theminimulle
Samanthi Theminimulle

Samanthi is a researcher and facilitator who works on housing, social-spatial inequalities and the neighbourhood as a collective for change