Our Tools

Data and mapping tools for the common good

The Digital Commons Cooperative is here to solve your digital mapping and data sharing problems.

Whether you want to…

  • build a map of projects in your local community,
  • understand the farmland around a river catchment,
  • see who owns that abandoned building,
  • make it really easy for anyone to find out what your organisation’s members are up to,
  • or run a workshop exploring community assets across a local authority,

…We’ve got tools that can help.

With our self-updating, member-owned collaborative mapping with advanced search features, front-line changemakers have better access to the data they need to create impact.

A cooperative approach to data mapping and sharing

We are owned by our users and only use your data in ways that contribute to the common good. With your consent, your data can be shared with other organisations and projects that share your values and/or the general public - to create more shared value for everyone.

We’ve got the backend covered

With our backend data factory, we take care of all the data processing. You can simply plug your data into our pipeline and you’re ready to go. This way, you can focus on making a better world, while we cover the boring back-end stuff.

Land Explorer
Our mapping tool LandExplorer helps community development projects find information on land.
Via our community mapping software Mykomaps, communities and cooperatives can map and explore their connections with each other.
With our app Twine, community businesses can track and analyse volunteer and visitor activity.