Our Values

  1. Committed to creating a more regenerative world: Our mission is to create a society where data is used to support the common good; we’re working to ensure that social change organisations can take full advantage of data sharing and mapping to create a fairer, more regenerative world.
  2. Solidarity with those driving positive change: We are nothing without the frontline social change organisations working to create a fairer economy. Connecting communities is at the heart of everything we do.
  3. Transparent, open and ethics-driven: We are completely transparent about how our tools work, how we serve our users and what we believe about the world - just like our data-sharing methods.
  4. Committed to the cutting-edge: We work with some of the brightest minds in tech to enable social change organisations and communities to access tools and products that are at the cutting edge of data science.
  5. Cooperative to our core: We are only one part of a wider movement of solidarity economy, co-operative, community and open data organisations working to make change; we try to collaborate, exchange and learn from others whenever we can.
  6. Empathy and compassion: Data is not just numbers. It’s information about local communities and real peoples’ lives. We see data about land and communities as a collective resource - a common good - that should be used to benefit nature and people alike.