Cooperatives Connect

Cooperatives Connect is an online platform using ‘Semantic Web’ technology, created to help the cooperative movement connect, communicate and collaborate. This extensive directory of cooperatives will be accessible via the Internet at no cost and can serve as an easy way to locate and engage with fellow cooperatives in every continent.

The ICA (International Cooperative Alliance) and are partnering with the Solidarity Economy Association (SEA) to launch this project.

A filterable and searchable directory of the ICA’s members displayed on a world map. It is multilingual, supporting the ICA’s 3 international languages.

 There are many services one can use to display membership information and many mapping platforms. What is different about what we have done?

  • We are using open source mapping technology – not google maps, which we believe treats its users data in ways inconsistent with co-operative values.
  • We are using common data standards.
  • The data is not just published on maps but in a range of formats to make it as easy as possible for other projects to have easy machine or human readable access to that data.